WrestleMania Week 2019

Across the border

Yesterday evening, I walked around my neighborhood over 30 minutes to find a weekly pro-wrestling magazine. After visiting several convenience stores, I finally got it. Despite the cold and rainy weather, my love made me look for the magazine.

The reason was that I wanted to read the report of WrestleMania Week in New York city. During the week, some Japanese pro-wrestling promotions such as NJPW, DDT, STARDOM etc. held the shows there.

The report made me feel that Japanese pro-wrestling had been loved across the border.
Now, thanks to internet, Japanese pro-wrestling is accessible from all over the world. Many fans abroad can check the streaming as well as the photos. Also, Japanese fans like me can easily find favorite foreign wrestlers through internet, that I couldn’t imagine when I was a child.

Sendai Girls

However, I prefer watching wrestling live. How greedy I am!! hahaha
Next week, I will go see Sendai Girls at Korakuen Hall to see Millie McKenzie for the first time. I have been interested in her very much through internet. Moreover, Meiko Satomura praised her potential very much before, that increased my expectation. In addition, Hikaru Shida who signed to AEW lately will join. I really look forward to feeling international pro-wrestling atmosphere there.

In the future, I really want to go to NY city to enjoy WrestleMania Week. It is my big dream…