Writing Personal History

I started learning how to write personal history.

The main reason is that I want to connect with those who have similar agony as well as share what I have experienced and felt. I think that living as gay always faces a lot of worries about sexuality, human relations, future etc., so I’d like to share these feelings people all around the world.

For examples, I want to record the discrimination I had when I was a student. My classmates teased me just because I behaved girly without consciousness. In addition, I want to tell why I’m feeling something strange with society I belong to. Moreover, I want to ask if every gay has the vague anxiety about the future as gay.

If someone read my blog and had the same way of thinking, his concerns might be decreased by realizing that there were many people who had the same worries. Although we live in the different places, this blog could reach entire the world.

So, I’d like to make a comfortable place in this blog by sharing my personal history in the near future.