YAYOI terminates free refills

How would YAYOI (やよい軒 in Japanese) survive going forward ?

YAYOI, a Japanese diner which expands nationwide, announced that they were going to charge for refills of steamed rice. YAYOI was offering free refills. However, the service was limited to plain rice. In contrast, bowl of rice with topping was not covered. Therefore, some customers complained about its inequity and YAYOI finally decided to stop free refills. That caused pros and cons.

I disagree with YAYOI’s decision. I use YAYOI regularly because of the only one reason.
That is not side dishes but delicious steamed rice. It is steamed in a perfect balance. Moreover, the refills which I serve by myself tastes better than that was served first.

That’s why I hope YAYOI reconsider their decision.
Tomorrow, I will visit YAYOI to see how big the impact is…